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Mikell's Treasures

23 February
This is my first on line journal - inspired by reading Mycala's entries over the past year. I am finally admitting that I am an artist! When Mycala suggested I start my own live journal she found the Emil Nolde quote and it has changed my life! Admitting that I'm an artist has made it necessary to live up to it by creating! My theory is that everyone is an artist! If we can see, we can draw. Even people who can't see create beautiful art! Being an artist is not an exclusive, elitist club. It is a gift, divinely bestowed on us all, if only we have the faith to believe it. Living beside the Yellow Breeches Creek provides daily inspiration - trout jump, fawns frollic, kingfishers dart past and herons sail in.

Since I began my journal I have illustrated a children's book, am working on another, and have had my work featured in four exclusive month long shows. My friends at live journal have been inspirational and supportive!