October 23rd, 2011


Adventures with Carrie!!!

Yesterday, after a year of taking classes on line together, I finally met Carrie at the airport in Orlando!!!  We hugged and both felt an immediate connection, as if we had known each other for ever!  She had eaten - I was ravenous - so we talked while I ate a quick lunch and then were off to get the rental car.  They upgraded the car but we got there before they made the switch so we are stopped on the way out because we had 'the wrong car'. At the time we had no idea what was going on.  It all became clear later and even the attendant was amused when we came back for another try. 

Conversation was lively as we headed off for about an hour long drive to get our hotel room.  The room we had reserved - with a balcony - had been damaged - along with many others on the beach - by the recent hurricane.  We headed for another hotel that could at least offer us a view of the ocean.  We settled in then took off for a long walk on the beach, only turning around when we realized the sun was setting it was getting cooler.